Sunday, February 10, 2008

Acto de Fe 3-febrero, 2008 British pop early 90's

Programa dedicado a revisar la escena pop británica de los primeros años 90, con bandas representativas del Sonido Manchester, el Shoegazing/Dream Pop/Guitar pop/Noisy pop y el pop melódico.

Foto: The Stone Roses

Foto: Slowdive


1- JAMES;Gold Mother;God Only Knows;1990;UK
2- THE CHARLATANS;Up To Our Hips;Up To Our Hips;1994;UK
3- INSPIRAL CARPETS;Devil Hopping;The Way The Light falls;1994;UK
4- THE STONE ROSES;Second Coming;Ten Storey Love Song;1994;UK
5- THE FALL;Volume 8 Compilation;War;1993;UK
6- THE WOLFGANG PRESS;Funky Little Demons;So Long Dead;1995;UK
7- THE THE;Dusk;Slow Emotion Replay;1993;UK
8- THE BLUE AEROPLANES;LIfe Model;Daughter Movie;1994;UK
9- THE AUTERS;New Wave;Housebreaker;1993;UK
10- TEENAGE FANCLUB;Bandwagonesque;What Do You To Me;1991;UK
11- THE BOO RADLEYS;Giant Steps;Wish I Was Skinny;1993;UK
12- PULP;Intro;Babies;1992;UK
13- RIDE;Carnival of Light;Moonlight Medicine;1994;UK
14- CATHERINE WHEEL;Ferment;Black Metallic;1992;UK
15- THE WEDDING PRESENT;Watussi;Let Him Have It;1994;UK
16- THE JESUS AND MARY CHAIN;Honey´s Dead;Good For My Soul;1992;UK
17- MY BLOODY VALENTINE; Loveless; Come in Alone; 1991;UK
18- PALE SAINTS; In Ribbons; A Thousand Stars Burnst Open; 1992;UK
19- THE VERVE;No COme Dawn (B-sides & OUttakes); No Come Dawn; 1994;UK
20- DISCO INFERNO; Volume 9 Compilation;Second Language (Demo Version); 1994;UK
21- THE HOUSE OF LOVE; Babe Rainbow;Feel; 1992; UK
22- SPIRITUALIZED; Lazer Guided Melodies; Run; 1991; UK
23- SLOWDIVE; Souvlaki; Here She Comes; 1993; UK


Anonymous said...

Hola Juan Carlos,

La segunda hora de este programa está dando error... dice que ya no está disponible en ningún servidor Pando :(

(lo mismo ocurre con la 2da hora del programa del 10-11 de febrero)


Anonymous said...

Ahora si funcionan :)