Sunday, August 20, 2006

Acto de De 19-dic, 2004 Avant-prog rock

Programa dedicado al rock progresivo actual, avant-rock y space rock.

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Artista; Disco: Tema; Año; Pais
1- ANEKDOTEN;Gravity;Monolith(#1);1999;Suecia
2- THINKING PLAGUE;In Extremis;Dead Silence(#1);1998;USA
3- THE MARS VOLTA;De-Loude in the Comatorium; Son et Lumiere (#1);2003;USA
4- THE MARS VOLTA;De-Loude in the Comatorium; Intertiatic (#2);2003;USA
5- KING CRIMSON;The Power to Believe;Eyes Wide Open(#3);2003;UK
6- MASTICA;Mastica 99;Queen(#2);1999;UK/USA
7- BRUFORD/LEVIN;Blue Nights;Palece of Pearls(#3, CD1);2000;UK
8- BLACKFIELD;Blackfield;Cloudy Now(#8);2004;UK/Israel
9- PORCUPINE TREE;Lightbulb Sun;The Rest Will Flow(#6);2000;UK
10- HOLY RIVER FAMILY BAND;Welcome to Riverhouse;Peyote Visions(#1,CD1);1997;Suecia
11- DJAM KARET;Still No Commercial Potencial;Twilight in Lonely Hands;1998;USA

Programa transmitido por Ateneo FM 100.7, Caracas Venezuela el 19 de diciembre de 2004

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Acto de Fe 12-dic, 2004 Soundtracks

Programa dedicada a música incidental y temas de películas

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Artista; Disco; Track; Año; Pais

1- JOHN KLINEK/TOM TYKWER/F.POTENTE;Run Lola Run (T.Tykwer);Believe(#1);1999;Alemania
2- DAVID BOWIE;Lost Highway (D.Lynch);I´m Deranged(#1);1995;UK/USA
3- DEATH IN VEGAS;Lost in Translation (S.Coppola); Girls (#5);2002;UK
4- LOU REED;Trainspotting (D. Boyle);Perfect Day(#8);1996;UK/USA
5- LED ZEPPELIN;Almost Famous (C. Crowe);That´s the way(#11);2000/70;UK/USA
6- PATTI SMITH & FRED SMITH;Until the End of the World (W. Wenders);It Takes Time(#12);1991;Alemania/USA
7- ROBERT WYATT;LE Peuple Migrateur;Masters of the Field(#2);2003;Francia/UK
8- GABRIEL YACOUB/BRUNO COLAIS;Le Peuple Migrateur;Le planeur(#12);2003;Francia
9- JOCELYN POOK;Eyes Wide Shut (S. Kubrick);Masked Ball(#8);1999;UK
10- JOCELYN POOK;Eyes Wide Shut (S. Kubrick);Migrations(#9);1999;UK
11- PETER GABRIEL & NUSRAT FATEH ALI KHAN;Natural Born Killers (O.Stone);Taboo;1994;USA/UK
12- VANGELIS;Blade Runner (R.Scott);Tales of the Future(#19);1982;UK/Grecia

programa transmitido el 12 de dic de 2004 por Ateneo FM 100.7 Caracas, Venezuela

Monday, August 14, 2006

Acto de Fe 5-dic 2004 Darkwave

Programa dedicado al darkave y el dark-folk

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Artista; Disco: Track; Año; Pais

1- LOVE IS COLDER THAN DEATH;Eclipse;Wanawby(#1);2003;Alemania
2- QNTAL;Qntal II;Palestinaleid(#2);1995;Alemania
3- DEAD CAN DANCE;Box Set; Glorideab (#6, CD3);1993;Australia
4- 48 CAMERAS;I swear I saw garlic growing under my father´s steps;Our lady of Sins(#5);2002;Francia
5- RONAN QUAYS;The Elbbing wings of Wisdom;Salt and Bitter Truth(#5);1996;UK/Escocia
6- CURRENT 93;All the Pretty Little Horses;The Long Shadow Falls(#1);1996;UK/Inglaterra
7- CURRENT 93;All the Pretty Little Horses;All the Pretty Little Horsies(#2);1996;UK/Inglaterra
8- SOL INVICTUS;The Hill of Crosses;A German Requiem(#2);2000;UK/Inglaterra
9- SOL INVICTUS;The Hill of Crosses;God told To Me(#7);2000;UK/Inglaterra
10- THE MOON LAY HIDDEN BENEATH A CLOUD;A New Soldier follows a New King;track 3;1995;Austria
11- DER BLUTHARSCH;Time is the Enemy;track 4;2003;Austria
12- CINDYTALK;Wappinschaw;Hush(#12);1997;UK/Inglaterra

Transmitido el 5 de diciembre de 2004 por Ateneo FM 100.7 Caracas, Venezuela