Sunday, January 27, 2008

Acto de Fe 20-ene, 2008 post-rock

Programa dedicado a explorar las vertientes del post-rock, grupos y aristas dedicados a redimensionar las fronteras del rock mediante la mezcla de diversas corrientes musicales, entre ellas el jazz, el folk, el space rock, la electronica, el rock progresivo, el kraurock, el dub.....

Foto: Efterklang

Foto: Under Byen


1- SALARYMAN;Karoshi;Strong Holder;1999;USA
2- APPLIANCE;Imperial Metric;Separate Animals;2001;UK
3- TORTOISE;A Laxarus Taxon Disc 1;Vaus;1996/2006;USA
4- PRAM;The Moving Frontier;Blind Tiger;2007;UK
5- PRAM;The Moving Frontier;The Silk Road;2007;UK
6- BATTLES;Mirrored;Bad Trails;2007;USA
7- STEVE JANSEN;Slope;December Train;2007;UK
8- EFTERKLANG;Parades;Mirador;2007;Denmark
9- UNDER BYEN;Samme Stof Som Stof;Den Her Sang Hander Om At Få Det Bedste Ud Af Det;2006;Denmark
10- MONSTRANCE (Partridge, Andrews, Barker);Monstrance;The Floating World;2007;UK
11- GODSPEED YOU BLACK EMPEROR;F# A# (Infinity);The Dead Flag Blues;1998;Canada
12- EARTH;The Bees Made Honey In The Lion's Skull;Omens And Portents I: The Driver;2008;USA
13- EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY;All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone;The Birth and Death of the Day;2007;USA
14- SIGUR ROS;Hauf/Heim;I Gaer;2007;Islandia
15- GRAILS;Black Tar Prophecies Vols 1, 2, 3;More Erosion;2006;USA
16- ROTHKO;The Pulse of Artery;The Pulse of An Artery;2001;UK

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Acto de Fe 13-ene, 2008 British Folk-Rock 60s/70s

Programa dedicado al período dorado del folk-rock británico, durante la segunda mitad de los años 60 y la década de los 70, unos años muy fértiles en los que se mezclaron las raices de la música tradicional de las islas británicas con la psicodelia, el rock sinfónico, el blues, el country, el pop e incluso el jazz.

Foto: Nick Drake

Foto: Donovan


1- FAIRPORT CONVENTION;What We Did in Our Holidays;Nottatum Town;1968;UK
2- LINDISFARNE;Nicely Out Of Tune;Lady Eleanor;1970;UK
3- STRAWBS;Just a Collection of Antiques and Curious;Martin Luther KIng´s Dream;1970;UK
4- CAT STEVENS;Tea For The Tillerman;Longer Boats;1970;UK
5- CAT STEVENS;Teaser and The Firecat;The Wind;1971;UK
6- MARC BOLAN & T.REX;A Beard of Stars;By The Light of a Magical Moon;1970;UK
7- DONOVAN;A Gift From A Flower To A Gard;Song of Teh Naturalist´s Wife;1968;UK
8- DONOVAN;A Gift From A Flower To A Gard;Lay of The Last Tinker;1968;UK
9- THE INCREDIBLE STRING BAND;The Hangman´s Beautiful Daughter;Waltz of The New Moon;1968;UK
10- DANDO SHAFT;An Evening With Dando Shaft;In The Country;1971;UK
11- NICK DRAKE;Five Leaves Left;Cello Song;1969;UK
12- CAEDMON;Caedmon;Sea Song;1978;UK
13- JETHRO TULL;Songs From The Wood;Velvet Green;1977;UK
14- GRYPHON;Midnight Mushrooms;The Ploughboy´s Dream;1974;UK
15- SPIROGYRA;St. Radiguns;Island;1971;UK
16- STEELEYE SPAN;Please to See the King;Lovely on The Water;1971;UK
17- PENTANGLE; Cruel Sister;Cruel Sister;1970;UK
18- TREES; On The Shore;Sally Free and Easy;1970;UK
19- ANTHONY PHILLIPS; The Geese and The Ghost; God If I Saw Her Now; 1977; UK
20- ROY HARPER; HQ; When an Old Cricketer Leaves the Crease; 1975; UK

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Acto de Fe 06-ene, 2007 Resúmen 2007 #4

Cuarto y último de los programas dedicados a revisar lo más relevante que se produjo en el año 2007.
Foto: Patti Smith

Foto: The Sea and Cake

Foto: Yeasayer


1- OMAR RODRIGUEZ LOPEZ;Se dice bisonte, no bufalo;Rapid Fire Tollbooth;2007;USA
2- PORCUPINE TREE;Fear of a Blank Planet;Sleep Together;2007;UK
3- GRAILS;Burning Off Impurities;Dead Vine Blues;2007;USA
4- THE EARLIES;The Enemy Chorus;Found a Lion and Earth;2007;UK/USA
5- YEASAYER;All Hour Cymbals;Sunrise;2007;USA
6- LIARS;Liars;Siling to Byzantium;2007;USA
7- IRON & WINE;The Shepherd´s Dog;House by the Sea;2007;USA
8- REMATE;No Land Recordings;Unknown Howl;2007;España
9- THE SEA AND CAKE;Everybody;Exact to me;2007;USA
10- BROKEN SOCIAL SCENE presents KEVIN DREW;Spirit If;bodhi sappy weekend;2007;Canada
11- PATTI SMITH;Twelve;The Boy in The Bubble;2007;USA
13- KULA SHAKER;Strangefolk;Hurricane Season;2007;UK
14- BLOC PARTY;A Weekend in The City;Waiting For The 7.18;2007;UK
15- PIANO MAGIC;Part Monster;England´s Always Better;2007;UK
16- PRIN LA LA;Esto es Prin La La;Con gotas de limón;2007;España
17- FRIDGE; The Sun;Insects;2007;UK
18- MURCOF; Cosmos;Cometa;2007;Mexico

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Acto de Fe 30-dic, 2007 Resumen 2007 #3

Tercer resúmen de lo más destacado del año 2007

Foto: MÚM

Foto: M.I.A. (Maya Arulpragasam)

Foto: Natacha Khan (Bat For Lashes)


1- DIGITALISM;Idealism;Idelaistic;2007;Ale
2- CLAP YOUR HANDS SAY YEAH;Some Loud Thunder;Stand Said Dance;2007;USA
3- TWO LONE SWORDMEN;Wrong Meeting;Puritan Fist;2007;UK
4- SIOUXSIE;Mantaray;Drone Zone;2007;UK
5- STEVE JANSEN;Slope;Ballad of a Deadman;2007;UK
6- HAUSCHKA;Versions of a Prepared Piano;Rocket Man (remixed by Vert);2007;Ale
7- AIR;Pocket Symphony;Napalm Love;2007;Francia
8- PRAM;The Moving Frontier;The Empty Quarter;2007;UK
9- MÚM;Go Go Smear The Poison Ivy;A Little Bit, Sometimes;2007;ISlandia
10- BJORK;Volta;I See Who You Are;2007;Islandia
11- ROBERT WYATT;Comicopera;Stay Tuned;2007;UK
12- M.I.A.;Kala;Come Around (feat. Timbaland);2007;Sri-Lanka/UK
13- CocoRosie;Teh Adventures of Ghosthorse and Stillborn;Rainbowarriors;2007;USA
14- FEIST;The Raimbows;Sea Sea Lion Woman;2007;Canada
15- BAT FOR LASHES;Fur and GOld;Horse and I;2007;UK
16- ANIMAL COLLECTIVE;Strawberry Jam;Derek;2007;USA
17- PANDA BEAR; Person Pitch;Take Pills;2007;USA
18- LOW; Drums and Guns;Belarus;2007;USA
19- INTERPOL; Our Love To Admire;Pioneer to The Falls;2007;USA
20- PONI HOAX; Poni Hoax;Carrie Ann;2007;Francia
21- AND ALSO THE TREES; Listen For The Rag and Bone Man; Teh Legend of Mucklow; 2007; UK
22- RICHARD HAWLEY; Lady´s Bridge; Valentine; 2007; UK
23- NACHO VEGAS & CRISTINA ROSENVINGE; Verano fatal; No lloro por ti; 2007; España

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Acto de Fe 23 dic, 2007 Resumen 2007 #2

Segundo resumen de lo más relevante del año 2007

Foto: Battles
Foto: The Arcade Fire

1- BATTLES;Mirrored;Atlas;2007;USA
2- THE WHITE STRIPES;Icky Thump;Icky Thump;2007;USA
3- GRINDERMAN;Grinderman;Honey Bee;2007;Australia
4- APOSTLE OF HUSTLE;The National Anthem of Nowhere;Haul Away;2007;Canada
5- THE ARCADE FIRE;Neon Bible;Keep The Car Running;2007;Canda
6- KINGS OF LEON;Because of Times;Fans;2007;USA
7- WILCO;Sky Blue Sky;On And On and On;2007;USA
8- THE NATIONAL;Boxer;Fake Empire;2007;USA
9- WOODEN WAND;James and the Quiet;The Pushers;2007;USA
10- YÁTU;Joroporoll;Rio;2007;Venezuela
11- LA COSTA BRAVA;Velocidad de Crucero;Justicia Poética;2007;España
12- FACTO DELAFÉ Y LAS FLORES AZULES;la luz de la mañana;la Juani;2007;España
13- ARTIC MONKEYS;Favourite Worst Nightmare;Florescent Adolescent;2007;UK
14- RADIOHEAD;in Rainbows;Bodysnatchers;2007;UK
15- MAPS;We Can Create;So Low So High;2007;UK
16- VAMPIRE WEEKEND;Mansard Roof;Oxford Comma;2007;USA
17- THE FIERY FURNACES; Widow City;My Egyptian Grammar;2007;USA
18- AKRON FAMILY; Love is Simple;Phenomena;2007;USA
19- ANGELS OF LIGHT; We Are Him;We Are Him;2007;USA
20- BEIRUT; The Loving Club Cup;Nantes;2007;USA
21- TUNNG; Good Arrows; Secrets; 2007; UK
22- SUPER FURRY ANIMALS; Hey Venus!; Carbon Dating; 2007; UK
23- ELK CITY; New Believers; My Type of Criminal; 2007; USA
24- E-óN; Ticket To Youkali; Ticket to Youkali; 2007; Venezuela