Sunday, February 17, 2008

Acto de Fe 10-feb, 2008 Electrónica/Electropop/Dubstep

Programa dedicado a explorar la música electrónica desde varios flancos, incluyendo propuestas pop dominadas por los recursos electrónicos.

Foto: Anthony Rother

James Figurine


1- UNDERWORLD;Crocodile (Promo EP);Crocodile (Single Edit);2007;UK
2- SIMIAN MOBILE DISCO;Attack Decay Sustain Release;It´s The Beat;2007;UK
3- ANTHONY ROTHER;Super Space Model;Brainshaker;2006;Alem
4- ANTHONY ROTHER;Super Space Model;Nature;2006;Alem
5- JOHN FOXX & LOUIS GORDON;From Trash;The one who walks through You;2006;UK
6- SWAYZAK;Loops From The Bergerie;My House;2004;UK
7- JAMES FIGURINE;Mistake Mistake Mistake Mistake;All The Way To China;2006;USA
8- DNTEL;Dumb Luck;I'd Like to Know (Ft. Lali Puna);2007;USA
9- HOT CHIP;Ready For The Floor- Single;Ready For The Floor;2007;UK
10- CIËLO;Paraiso vacio;Siempre tan lejos;2007;España/Perú
11- BABAMARS;Whatever happened to all our pioneers;Extraordinary Boy;2006;Francia
12- BJORK;Earth Intruders- Single;Earth Intruders Lexx Remix;2007;Islandia
13- STEVE JANSEN;Slope;Cancelled Pieces (w/Anja Garbarek);2007;UK
14- HAUSCHKA;Versions Of The Prepared Piano;the afterlife of things (tarwater);2007;Alem
15- BOXCUTTER;Glyphic;Foxy;2007;UK/North Ireland
16- BOXCUTTER;Glyphic;Rusty Break;2007;UK/North Ireland
17- BURIAL; Burial; Southern Comfort; 2006;UK
18- BURIAL; Untrue; Archangel; 2007;UK
19- DEADBEAT;Preliminary Findings EP; Abu Gharib (Reconstruction); 2005;Canada
20- AUTECHRE; Quaristice;The Plc; 2008;UK
21- JAN JELINEK; Kosmischer Pitch;Western Mimikry; 2005; UK

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