Saturday, July 28, 2007

Acto de Fe 22 de julio, 2007 Pop Británico

Programa dedicado a la actualidad del pop británico, transmitido por Gente 89.7 en Barquisimeto y Woao 88.1 en Valencia. Venezuela.

Downloads Links

1- ART BRUT;Bang Bang Rock and Roll;Formed a Band(#1);2005;UK
2- RAZORLIGHT;Razorlight;In The Morning(#01);2006;UK
3- KASABIAN;Empire;me Plus One(#04);2006;UK
4- WORKING FOR A NUCLEAR FREE CITY;Working for A Nuclear Free City;Troubled Son(#2);2006;UK
5- GOOD SHOES;Think Before You Speak;Sophia(#7);2007;UK
6- GOOD SHOES;Think Before You Speak;In The City(#10);2007;UK
7- ARTIC MONKEYS;Favourite Worst Nightmare;Teddy Picker (#2);2007;UK
8- ARTIC MONKEYS;Favourite Worst Nightmare;Florescent Adolescent (#5);2007;UK
9- LARRIKIN LOVE;The Freedom Spark;;Meet Me By The gateway Car(#6);2006;UK
10- THE YOUNG KNIVES;Voices of ANimal and Men;Another Hollow Line(#5);2006;UK
11- KAISER CHIEFS;Yours Truly, Angry Mob;Ruby (#1);2007;UK
12- KAISER CHIEFS;Yours Truly, Angry Mob;Everything Is Average Nowadays (#9);2007;UK
13- BLOC PARTY;A Weekend In The City;Where is Home? (#7);2007;UK
14- THE BLUE AEROPLANES;Altitude;Surreal Thing(#3);2006;UK
15- TWO LONE SWORDSMEN;Wrong Meeting;No Girl in My Plan(#3);2006;UK
16- UNKLE; War Stories; Hold My Hand(#3);2007; UK
17- THE VEILS; Nux Nomica; Advice For Young Mothers to Be (#04);2007; UK
18- THE VEILS; Nux Nomica; Jesus For The Jugular (#03);2007; UK
19- KULA SHAKER; Strangefolk;Fool That I Am (#8); 2007; UK
20- KULA SHAKER; Strangefolk;Hurricane Season (#9); 2007; UK
21- THE GOOD THE BAD & THE QUEEN; The GOod The Bad & THE Queen;History SOng(#1); 2007; UK
22- THE GOOD THE BAD & THE QUEEN; The GOod The Bad & THE Queen;80s Life(#2); 2007; UK
23- SUPER FURRY ANIMALS; Hey Venus!;Carbon Dating(#8); 2007; UK

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Acto de Fe 15-Jul, 2007 Versiones

Programa dedicado al mundo de las versiones. El pop y rock se revisan a si mismos con interpretaciones provenientes de distintas aristas.
Foto: Patti Smith (Por Robert Mapplethorpe)

Foto: Nouvelle Vague

Estos son los links (requiere Pando):

1- PLACEBO;Velvet Goldmine-OST;20th Century Boy(#5);2000;UK
2- PATTI SMITH;Twelve;Gimme Shelter(#04);2007;USA
3- PATTI SMITH;Twelve;Soul Kitchen(#09);2007;USA
4- JOHNNY CASH;American i: The Man Comes Around;Personal Jesus(#7);2002;USA
5- THE BETA BAND;Hot Shots II;Won(#10);2001;UK
6- ALABAMA 3;La Peste;Hotel California (#6);2001;UK
7- BARRY ADAMSON & ANITA LANE;Guess Who? Coole Cover-Versionen;These Boots Are Made For Walking(#8);1998;UK/Australia
8- EASY-STAR ALL STARS;Radiodread;Airbag (w/Horace Andy)(#1);2006;USA
9- EASY-STAR ALL STARS;Radiodread;Let Down (w/Toots & THe Maytals)(#5);2006;USA
10- EASY-STAR ALL STARS;Dub Side of The Moon;Money (w/Gary Nesta Pine)(#5);2002;USA
11- KEALER;A Tribute to The Clash (Uncut Mag);Train in Vain (#8);2003;UK
12- EDWYN COLLINS;A Tribute to The Clash (Uncut Mag);1977 (#15);2003;UK
13- MARIANNE FAITHFUL;Broken English;Working Class Hero (#7);1979;UK
14- E-óN;Ticket To Youkaly;I Put a Spell on You(#7);2007;Vzla
15- STEREOPHONICS;Radio 1- Live Lounge;Nothing Compares To You-acoustic(#1);2003;UK
16- EL HIJO; Canciones Gringas-EP; Ultimamente (#1);2006; España
17- SCISSOR SISTERS; LIve on Radio 1; Take me Out;2006; USA
18- NOUVELLE VAGUE; Bande a Part; Heart of Glass (#6); 2006; Francia
19- ANDRES CALAMARO; El Salmón;Cocaine (#15, CD5); 2000: Argentina
20- DAVE GREGORY; Remoulds; Because (#19); 2004; UK
21- DAMON ALBARN & RAY DAVIES; Live at The White Room BBC CH 4; Waterloo Sunset(#7); 1995; UK

Monday, July 16, 2007

Acto de Fe 8-Julio, 2007 Trovadores modernos

Programa dedicado a cantantes (trovadores modernos) de diversos orígenes y estilos.
Transmitido por las emisoras Gente 89.7 (Barquisimeto), Woao 88.1 (Valencia) y Scanner (Barcelona, España).
Foto: Patrick Wolf
Foto: Julian Cope
Foto: Johnny Cash

Aquí los links (requiere Pando):

1- PATRICK WOLF;The Magic Position;Overture(#1);2007;UK
2- ED HARCOURT;The Beautiful Lie;I Am The Drug(#12);2006;UK
3- RUFUS WAINWRIGHT;Release The Stars;Do I Disappoint

4- DOMINIQUE A;Revue;Tu Vas Voir Ailleurs(#5);1999;Francia
5- GRINDERMAN;Grinderman;Go Tell The Women(#10);2007;Australia
6- JULIAN COPE;You Gotta Problem With You;A Child is Born in

Cerrig-Y-Drudion (#1);2007;UK
7- JULIAN COPE;You Gotta Problem With You;Sick Love (#3);2007;UK
8- JAVIER CORCOBADO;Editor de sueños;pequeña muerte(#10);2006;España
9- NACHO VEGAS;Desaparezca aquí;Nuevos planes, idénticas

10- PERRY BLAKE;Canyon SOngs;Something Stills Remids You(#7);2007;UK
11- RICHARD HAWLEY;Coles Corner;Just Like The Rain (#2);2005;UK
12- BOB DYLAN;Modern Times;The Levee´s Gonna Break(#9);2006;USA
13- TOM WAITS;Orphans;2:19 (#3, CD1);2006;USA
14- JOHNNY CASH;Solitary Man-American III;I Won´t Back Down(#1);2000;USA
15- JOHNNY CASH;Solitary Man-American III;Solitary Man(#3);2000;USA
16- BILL CALLAHAM; Woke On a Whaleheart; Diamond Dancer (#3);2007; USA
17- JESSE SYKES AND THE SWEET HEREAFTER; Like Love Lust and The Open Halls of Soul; I Like The Sound (#3);2006; USA
18- MICA P HINSON; Micah P Hinson & The Gospel of Progress; Don´t You Forget (#3); 2004; USA
19- PTT LIZARDO; Demos; Voz de Sirena (#15); 2000: Vzla
20- REMATE; No Land; Fall (#4); 2007; España
21- PETER HAMMILL; Singularity; Event Horizon (#2); 2006; UK
22- STUART STAPLES; Leaving SOngs; Dance with an Old Man (#6); 2006; UK

Monday, July 09, 2007

Acto de Fe 1-Julio, 2007 Electro pop

Programa dedicado a la actualidad del electro-pop, con propuestas provenientes de diversos paises. Transmitido el 1 de julio por Gente 89.7 en Barquisimeto y el 2 de julio por Woao 88.1 en Valencia. Tambien puede ser escuchado en la Fonoteca de Scanner FM ( de Barcelona, España.

Foto: Anja Garbarek

Foto: Hot Chip

Foto: Junior Boys

1- CORNELIUS;Sensous;Breezin'(#3);2006;Japón
2- FUJIYA & MIYAGI;Transparent Things;In One Ear & out The Other(#7);2006;UK
3- CUT COPY;Bright Line a Neon Like;Future(#2);2004;Australia
4- HOT CHIP;The Warning;Colours(#3);2006;UK
5- HOT CHIP;The Warning;(just Like We) Breakdown(#4);2006;UK
6- ARCHITECTURE IN HELSINKI;We died, They Remixed;Do The Whirlwind (remix by Hot Chip) (#1);2007;Australia/UK
7- GORILLAZ;Kid The Guns-EP;Kid The Guns (remix by Hot Chip) (#1);2006;UK
8- JUNIOR BOYS;So This is Goodbye;First Time(#3);2006;Canada
9- JUNIOR BOYS;So This is Goodbye;The Equalizer(#3);2006;Canada
10- SWAYZAK (QUARK remix);Route De La Slack;Acoustiques Paralleles(#1);2006;UK/Francia
11- DANI SICILIANO;Slappers;They Can´t Wait (#2);2005;USA
12- BJORK;Volta;Earth Intruders (Mark Stent Remix)(#11);2007;Islandia
13- BJORK;Volta;I See Who You Are(#5);2007;Islandia
14- ANJA GARBAREK;Balloon Mood;The Cabinet(#5);1999;Noruega
15- SPYRO;Biodegradable-EP;mi Puerto Cabello(#3);2007;Vzla
16- COLECTIVO JOAN BIMBA; Arepa con Fuet; Baila Pedro baila (#3);2007; Vzla
17- THOM YORKE; Sppitting Feathers-EP; Harrondown Hill (extended mix) (#4);2006; UK
18- LINDSTROM; It´s A Feedelity Affair; Gentle as a Giant (#8); 2006; Noruega

Monday, July 02, 2007

Acto de Fe 24-jun, 2007 Rock y Folk Pop de USA

Programa dedicado a la actualidad del rock y pop-folk de Estados Unidos, transmitido el 24 de junio por Gente 89.7 en Barquisimeto y el 25 de Junio por Woao 88.1 en Valencia.

Foto: Les Claypool
Foto: Modest Mouse
Foto: Liars
Foto: The Raconteurs

Haga click en los siguientes links (requiere Pando, el cual es muy fácil de instalar y usar):

1- !!! (Chk Chk Chk);Myth Takes;Yadnus(#7);2007;USA
2- LCD SOundsystem;The Sound of Silver;Time to Get Away(#2);2007;USA
3- BECK;The Information;We Dance Alone(#9);2006;USA
4- OMAR RODRIGUEZ-LOPEZ;Se Dice Bisonte, No Búfalo;Rapid Fire Tollbooth(#3);2007;USA
5- PORTUGAL THE MAN;Church Mouth;Sleeping Sleepers Sleep(#11);2007;USA
6- LES CLAYPOOL;Of Whales and Woe;Rumble of The Diesel (#9);2006;USA
7- LIARS;Drum´s Not Dead;A Visit from Drum(#3);2006;USA
8- BATTLES;Mirrored;Diammod(#3);2007;USA
9- CLAP YOUR HANDS SAY YEAH;Some Loud Thunder;Goodbye To The Mother & THE Cover(#7);2007;USA
10- MODEST MOUSE;We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank;Missed the Boat(#9);2007;USA
11- THE WHITE STRIPES;Icky Thump;300 M.P.H. Torrential Outpour Blues (#3);2007;USA
12- THE RACONTEURS;Broken Boy Soldiers;Intimate Secretary(#4);2006;USA
13- THE GREENHORNES;Sewed Soles;There is and End (#8);2005;USA
14- THE GREENHORNES;Sewed Soles;Shame and Misery (#9);2005;USA
15- BRENDAN BENSON; Alternative to Love; Flesh and Bone (#8); 2005; USA
16- WOODEN WAND & THE VANISHNING VOICE; James and The Quiet; The Pushers (#1);2006; USA
17- WOODEN WAND & THE VANISHNING VOICE; James and The Quiet; Delia (#4);2006; USA
18- YÁTU; Concierto desenchufado; Churuguara Blues (#2); 2006; Vzla
19- TOMATES FRITOS; Molly; Estar adentro (#9); 2006: Vzla
20- THE NATIONAL; Boxer; Slow Show (#6); 2007; USA
21- MIDLAKE; The Trials of Van Occupanther; Bandits (#2); 2006; USA