Monday, October 29, 2007

Acto de Fe 21-oct, 2007 art-pop, post-rock

Programa dedicado a explorar el post rock y el lado mas arty del pop actual. Transmitido el 21oct por Gente 89.7 (bqmto), el 22oct por Woao 88.1 (Valencia/maracay) y el 28oct por Scanner FM 100.5 (Barcelona, España).
Foto: Radiohead

Foto: Gang Gang Dance

1- WORKING FOR A NUCLEAR FREE CITY;Working For a Nuclear Free City;Dead Fingers Talking;2006;UK
2- RADIOHEAD;In Rainbows;15 Step;2007;UK
3- RADIOHEAD;In Rainbows;Videotape;2007;UK
4- CYANN AND BEN;Sweet Beliefs;Sunny Morning;2006;Francia
5- MERCROMINA;Canciones para andar por casa;Vals de Vallenas;1999;España
6- ARBOL;Dreams made of paper;November;2005;España
7- ARBOL;Dreams made of paper;Lost ANgel;2005;España
8- PIANO MAGIC;Artist´s Riffles;Password;2000;UK
9- PIANO MAGIC;Artist´s Riffles;Artist´s Riffles;2000;UK
10- MÙM;Go Go Smear The Poison Ivy;Guilty Rocks;2007;ISlandia
11- PRAM;The Moving Frontier;Salt & Sand;2007;UK
12- PRAM;The Moving Frontier;Iske;2007;UK
13- ORVAL CARLOS SIBELIUS;Orval Carlos Sibelius;Charisma;2006;Francia
14- GANG GANG DANCE;God´s Money;2A. Glory In Itself 2B. Egyptian;2005;USA
15- GANG GANG DANCE;God´s Money;Nomad For Love (Cannibal);2005;USA
16- GRAILS; Black Tar Prophecies Vols 1, 2, 3;More Erosion;2006;USA
17- EFTERKLANG;Under Giant Trees ;Himmelbjerget;2007;Denmark
18- RUBEN D´HERS;El reflejo de las hojas;Los pájaros y el Sol; 2007; Venezuela

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Acto de Fe 14-Oct, 2007 USA Punk, Post-Punk & No Wave 1977-80

Segundo programa en el marco del 30 aniversario de la explosión Punk. Este está destinado a revisar la escena punk, post punk & no-wave de Estados Unidos, especialmente la neoyorquina.

Foto: James Chance

Primera hora:

Segunda hora:

1- NEW YORK DOLLS;Rock´N´Roll;babylon;1974;USA
2- JOHNNY THUNDERS;So ALone;You Can´t Put Your Arms Round a Memory;1978;USA
3- THE RAMONES;The Ramones;The Blitzkrieg Bop;1976;USA
4- PATTI SMITH;Horses;Gloria;1975;USA
5- PATTI SMITH;Radio Ethiopia;Distant Fingers;1976;USA
6- TELEVISION;Marquee Moon;Marquee Moon;1977;USA
7- RICHARD HELL & THE VOIVODS;Blank Generation;(I Belong to the) Blank Generation;1977;USA
8- JONATHAN RICHMAN & THE MODERN LOVERS;The Modern Lovers;Roadrunner;1976;USA
9- DEVO;Are We not Men, We are Devo!;Jock Homo;1978;USA
10- THE B-52´S;Wild Planet;Private Idaho;1980;USA
11- BLONDIE;Parallel Lines;Hanging On The Telephone;1978;USA
12- PERE UBU;Modern Dance;The Modern Dance;1978;USA
13- MARS;New York No Wave;11000 Volts;1977;USA
14- JAMES WHITE & THE BLACKS;New York No Vave;Contort Yourself;1977;USA
15- LIZZIE MERCIER DESCLOUX;New York No Vave;Wawa;1977;USA
16- ROSA YEMEN; New York No Vave;Larousse Baron Bic;1977;USA
17- LYDIA LUNCH;New York No Vave;Mechanical Flattery;1977;USA
18- TALKING HEADS;Fear of Music;Cities; 1979; USA
19- TALKING HEADS; Remain in Light; Crosseyed and Painless; 1980; USA
20- INDOOR LIFE; Indoor Life; Gillmore of the Fillmore; 1980; USA
21- SUICIDE; First Album; Ghost Rider; 1977; USA
22- SUICIDE; Second Album; Radiation; 1978; USA
23- TUXEDOMOON; Half Mute; 59 to 1; 1980; USA
24- THE CRAMPS; Gravest Hits; Human Fly; 1979; USA
25- MINK DEVILLE; Cabretta; Spanish Stroll; 1978; USA

Acto de Fe 7-Oct, 2007 UK Punk & Post-Punk 1977-80

A 30 años de la explosión punk en Londres, dedicamos un programa a revisar aquel fenémeno y su repercusión en los años posteriores.

Foto: The Stranglers

Primera Hora:

Segunda Hora:

1- The Sex Pistols;Never Mind The Bollocks;Anarchy in The UK;19777;UK
2- The DAMNED;Danmed Damned Damned;New Rose;1976;UK
3- THE STRANGLERS;No More Heroes;No More Heroes;1977;UK
4- ULTRAVOX;Ultravox;Saturday Night in The City of The Dead;1977;UK
5- 999;Emergency;Emergency;1977;UK
6- IAN DURY & THE BLOCKHEADS;Hit Me With The Drumer Stick-Single;Hit Me With The Drummer Stick;1978;UK
7- THE CLASH;The Complete Clash;(White Man) In Hammersmith Palais;1978;UK
8- THE FALL;Grotesque;Totally Wired;1980;UK
9- MAGAZINE;Shot By Both Sides- Single;Shot By Both Sides;1978;UK
10- WIRE;Pink Flag;Three Girl Rhumba;1977;UK
11- WIRE;Pink Flag;Lowdown;1977;UK
12- XTC;White Music;Heatwave;1978;UK
13- XTC;White Music;Spinning Top;1978;UK
14- THE JAM;The Jam;In The City;1977;UK
15- SIOUXSIE AND THE BANSHEES;Hong Kong Garden- SIngle;Hong Kong Garden;1978;UK
16- GANG OF FOUR; Entertainment;Armalite Rifle;1979;UK
17- THE POP GROUP;The Pop Group;We Are All Prostitutes;1978;UK
18- THE CURE;10:15 Saturday Night; 10:15 Saturday Night; 1978; UK
19- RANDOM HOLD; Over View; Second Nature; 1978; UK
20- THE TEARDROP EXPLODES; Kilimanjaro; ha Ha I´m Drowning; 1980; UK
21- THE VAPORS; The Vapors; Spring Collection; 1980; UK
22- THE ONLY ONES; ANother Girl, ANother Planet; ANother Girl, ANother Planet; 1977; UK
23- THE MONOCHROME SET; The Monochrome Set; The Monochrome Set; 1977; UK
24- SQUEEZE; Squeeze; Take Me I´m Yours; 1978; UK
25- THE POLICE; Outlands D´Amour; I Can´t Stand Losing You; 1978; UK
26- FISCHER Z; Word Salad; Lemmings; 1979; UK
27- GARY NUMAN; Tubeway Army; Machman; 1979; UK
28- JOY DIVISION; The Complete BBC Recordings; Exercine One; 1979; UK
29- BAUHAUS; Swing The Heartache:BBC Sessions; The Spy in the Cab; 1980; UK

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Sunday, October 07, 2007

Acto de Fe 30-sept, 2007 Folk-rock

Programa dedicado a la actualidad del folk-rock y corrientes afines, con especial énfasis en la escena norteamericana.

Foto: Angels of Light

Foto: Akron:Family

Foto: Iron & Wine (Sam Bean)

1- ROCK PLAZA CENTRAL;Are We Not Horses;Shall I To Heaven Aspire?;2006;Can
2- AKRON FAMILY;Love is Simple;Love, Love, Love (Everyone);2007;USA
3- AKRON FAMILY;Love is Simple;Don´t Be Afraid, You´re Already Dead;2007;USA
4- ANGELS OF LIGHT;We are Him;Promise of Water;2007;USA
5- WOVEN HAND;Mosaic;Bible And Bird;2006;USA
6- WOVEN HAND;Mosaic;Whistling Girl;2006;USA
7- VETIVER;To Find Me Gone;You May Be Blue;2006;USA
8- IRON & WINE;The Sheperd´s Dog;Pagan ANgel and a Borrowe Car ;2007;UK
9- DEVENDRA BANHART;Smokey Roll Down Under Thunder Canyon;Cristobal;2007;USA
10- DEVENDRA BANHART;Smokey Roll Down Under Thunder Canyon;Bad Girl;2007;USA
11- REMATE;No Land Recordings;Kitty and Her Beautiful Lady;2007;España
12- THE KITCHENS CYNICS;Dust;Little Miss Feverfew;2004;UK
13- JOHNNY CASH;American Recordings III;Wayfarer Stranger;2000;USA
14- ADEM;LOve and Other Planets;LOve and Other Planets;2006;UK
15- ADEM;LOve and Other Planets;Launch Yourself;2006;UK
16- EUROS CHILD; Bore Da;Roedd Hi´n Nofio Yn Bore Da;2006;UK
17- MICAH P HINSON;Micah P Hinson and The Gospel Of Progress;Yourself Asleep Again;2005;USA
18- JESSE SYKES AND THE SWEET HEREAFTER;Like Love Lust And The Open Halls Of The Soul; Spectral Beings; 2007; USA
19- RAMONA CORDOVA; The Boy Who Floated Freely; HEavy on My HEad; 2006; USA
20- AMELIE; The real nature of the fantastic ice cream car; Island Girl; 2007; Francia
21- ISOBEL CAMPBELL; MIlkwhite Sheets; Willow´s Song; 2006; UK
22- BEIRUT; The Flying Club Cup; Nantes; 2007; USA
23- BEIRUT; The Flying Club Cup; La Banlieu; 2007; USA
24- AMIINA; Kurr; Rugla; 2006; Islandia
25- COCO ROSIE; The Adventures of Ghosthorse and Stillborn; Raphael; 2007; USA