Saturday, October 20, 2007

Acto de Fe 7-Oct, 2007 UK Punk & Post-Punk 1977-80

A 30 años de la explosión punk en Londres, dedicamos un programa a revisar aquel fenémeno y su repercusión en los años posteriores.

Foto: The Stranglers

Primera Hora:

Segunda Hora:

1- The Sex Pistols;Never Mind The Bollocks;Anarchy in The UK;19777;UK
2- The DAMNED;Danmed Damned Damned;New Rose;1976;UK
3- THE STRANGLERS;No More Heroes;No More Heroes;1977;UK
4- ULTRAVOX;Ultravox;Saturday Night in The City of The Dead;1977;UK
5- 999;Emergency;Emergency;1977;UK
6- IAN DURY & THE BLOCKHEADS;Hit Me With The Drumer Stick-Single;Hit Me With The Drummer Stick;1978;UK
7- THE CLASH;The Complete Clash;(White Man) In Hammersmith Palais;1978;UK
8- THE FALL;Grotesque;Totally Wired;1980;UK
9- MAGAZINE;Shot By Both Sides- Single;Shot By Both Sides;1978;UK
10- WIRE;Pink Flag;Three Girl Rhumba;1977;UK
11- WIRE;Pink Flag;Lowdown;1977;UK
12- XTC;White Music;Heatwave;1978;UK
13- XTC;White Music;Spinning Top;1978;UK
14- THE JAM;The Jam;In The City;1977;UK
15- SIOUXSIE AND THE BANSHEES;Hong Kong Garden- SIngle;Hong Kong Garden;1978;UK
16- GANG OF FOUR; Entertainment;Armalite Rifle;1979;UK
17- THE POP GROUP;The Pop Group;We Are All Prostitutes;1978;UK
18- THE CURE;10:15 Saturday Night; 10:15 Saturday Night; 1978; UK
19- RANDOM HOLD; Over View; Second Nature; 1978; UK
20- THE TEARDROP EXPLODES; Kilimanjaro; ha Ha I´m Drowning; 1980; UK
21- THE VAPORS; The Vapors; Spring Collection; 1980; UK
22- THE ONLY ONES; ANother Girl, ANother Planet; ANother Girl, ANother Planet; 1977; UK
23- THE MONOCHROME SET; The Monochrome Set; The Monochrome Set; 1977; UK
24- SQUEEZE; Squeeze; Take Me I´m Yours; 1978; UK
25- THE POLICE; Outlands D´Amour; I Can´t Stand Losing You; 1978; UK
26- FISCHER Z; Word Salad; Lemmings; 1979; UK
27- GARY NUMAN; Tubeway Army; Machman; 1979; UK
28- JOY DIVISION; The Complete BBC Recordings; Exercine One; 1979; UK
29- BAUHAUS; Swing The Heartache:BBC Sessions; The Spy in the Cab; 1980; UK

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