Saturday, October 20, 2007

Acto de Fe 14-Oct, 2007 USA Punk, Post-Punk & No Wave 1977-80

Segundo programa en el marco del 30 aniversario de la explosión Punk. Este está destinado a revisar la escena punk, post punk & no-wave de Estados Unidos, especialmente la neoyorquina.

Foto: James Chance

Primera hora:

Segunda hora:

1- NEW YORK DOLLS;Rock´N´Roll;babylon;1974;USA
2- JOHNNY THUNDERS;So ALone;You Can´t Put Your Arms Round a Memory;1978;USA
3- THE RAMONES;The Ramones;The Blitzkrieg Bop;1976;USA
4- PATTI SMITH;Horses;Gloria;1975;USA
5- PATTI SMITH;Radio Ethiopia;Distant Fingers;1976;USA
6- TELEVISION;Marquee Moon;Marquee Moon;1977;USA
7- RICHARD HELL & THE VOIVODS;Blank Generation;(I Belong to the) Blank Generation;1977;USA
8- JONATHAN RICHMAN & THE MODERN LOVERS;The Modern Lovers;Roadrunner;1976;USA
9- DEVO;Are We not Men, We are Devo!;Jock Homo;1978;USA
10- THE B-52´S;Wild Planet;Private Idaho;1980;USA
11- BLONDIE;Parallel Lines;Hanging On The Telephone;1978;USA
12- PERE UBU;Modern Dance;The Modern Dance;1978;USA
13- MARS;New York No Wave;11000 Volts;1977;USA
14- JAMES WHITE & THE BLACKS;New York No Vave;Contort Yourself;1977;USA
15- LIZZIE MERCIER DESCLOUX;New York No Vave;Wawa;1977;USA
16- ROSA YEMEN; New York No Vave;Larousse Baron Bic;1977;USA
17- LYDIA LUNCH;New York No Vave;Mechanical Flattery;1977;USA
18- TALKING HEADS;Fear of Music;Cities; 1979; USA
19- TALKING HEADS; Remain in Light; Crosseyed and Painless; 1980; USA
20- INDOOR LIFE; Indoor Life; Gillmore of the Fillmore; 1980; USA
21- SUICIDE; First Album; Ghost Rider; 1977; USA
22- SUICIDE; Second Album; Radiation; 1978; USA
23- TUXEDOMOON; Half Mute; 59 to 1; 1980; USA
24- THE CRAMPS; Gravest Hits; Human Fly; 1979; USA
25- MINK DEVILLE; Cabretta; Spanish Stroll; 1978; USA

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