Saturday, April 08, 2006

Acto de Fe 29-ago, 2004 Psychedelic pop

Prgrama dedicado a la psicodelia pop actual:

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Artists; disco; tema; año; pais

1- THE FLAMING LIPS;Yoshimi Batlles the Pink Robots;Do you realize? (#1);2002;USA
2- MERCURY REV;All is Dream;The Dark is Rising (#1);2001;USA
3- SUPER FURRY ANIMALS;Phantom Power;Sex, War & Robots (#4);2003;UK/Gales
4- BETA BAND;Heroes to Zeroes;Troubles (#6);2004;UK/Escocia
5- LONE PIGEON;Concubine Rice;Track 8(#8);2002;UK/Escocia
6- DEVENDRA BANHART;Rejoicing in the Hands;This is the way(#1);2004;USA
7- POLYPHONIC SPREE;The beginnig stages of P.S;Middle of the Day;2003;USA
8- ASTEROID # 4;Introducing Asteroid #4;Golden Gilr of Spain(#3);1999;USA
9- THE VIRGENEERS;The Virgeneers;Sun (#3);1999;USA
10- THE GREEN PAJAMAS;All clues lead to Meagan´s Place;Morning in Myra´s Room(#8);1998;USA
11- THE CORAL;Nightfreak And The Sons of Becker;Song of the Corn(#4);2004;UK
12- LUPINE HOWL;The Carnivorous Lunar Activities of L.H.;Lonely Roads(#5);2001;UK
12- SPIRITUALIZED;Amazong Grace;Oh Baby(#4);2003;UK

Transmitido el 29 de agosto de 2004

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