Thursday, April 13, 2006

Acto de Fe 12 sept, 2004 USA

Programa dedicado a la actualidad del rock y el pop-folk de Estados Unidos, con algunos grupos enmarcados dentro de lo que en Europa denominan "Americana"

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1- TWEAKER;2 A.M. Wakeup Calls;Ruby (#1);2004;USA
2- THE WHITE STRIPES;White Blood Cells;I Think I Smell a Rat(#11);2001;USA
3- INTERPOL;Turn on the Bright Lights;NYC (#3);2002;USA
4- SONIC YOUTH;Sonic Nurse;Unmade Bed (#2);2004;USA
5- WILCO;A Ghost is Born;Theologians(#10);2004;USA
6- SONGS:OHIA;The Magnietic Electric Co;I´ve Been Riding with the Ghost(#);2003;USA
7- PERE UBU;The Story of My Life;Wasted;1993;USA
8- SIXTEEN HORSEPOWER;Olden;American Wheeze(#10);2003;USA
10- SMOG;Dongs of Sevotion;Dress Sexy at My Funeral(#2);2000;USA
11- SEA AND CAKE;One Bedroom;Left Side Clouded(#2);2003;USA
10- MODEST MOUSE;The World at Large;Good News for People Who Love Bad News(#2);2004;USA
11- YO LA TENGO;Summer Sun;Nothing But You and Me(#3);2003;USA

Transmitido el 12 de septiembre de 2004

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