Sunday, February 06, 2011

Acto de Fe 31 de enero, 2011 Lo mejor de 2010 Parte 4


Esta semana realizaremos el último recorrido por el 2010, un año cargado de excelente música.
Escucharemos material de Australia, Nueva Zelanda, Islandia, España, Irlanda, Inglaterra, Japón, Canada y Estados Unidos

 Winter Hinterland

 The Irrepressibles

The Young Gods

1- RINGO STARR "Who´s Your Daddy (con Joss Stone)" (De "Y Not", 2010) Inglaterra
2- THE NEW PORNOGRAPHERS "Crash Years" (De "Together", 2010) Canada
3- THE BOAT PEOPLE "Echo Stick Guitars" (De "Dear Darkly", 2010) Australia
4- THE RUBY SUNS "Haunted House" (De "Fight Softly", 2010) Nueva Zelanda
5- TWO DOOR CINEMA CLUB "Do You Want it All" (De "Tourist History", 2010) Irlanda del Norte
6- THE MORNING BENDERS "Promises" (De "Big Echo", 2010) USA
7- VAMPIRE WEEKEND "White Sky" (De "Contra", 2010) USA
8- YEASAYER "Ambling Alp" (De "Odd Blood", 2010) USA
9- THE BOOKS "Beautiful People" (De "The Way Out", 2010) USA
10- WHITE HINTERLAND "Icarus" (De "Kairos", 2010) USA
11- SEABEAR "I´ll Build You a Fire" (De "We Built a Fire", 2010) Islandia
12- SATANICPORNOCULTSHOP "[r.I.P] Tide" (De "Arkhaiomelisidonophunikheratos", 2010) Japón
13- SOLEX vs CRISTINA MARTINEZ & JON SPENCER "Galaxy Man" (De "Amsterdam Showdown, King Tree", 2010) Holanda/USA
14- MAIKA MAKOVSKI "Game of Doses" (De "Maika Makovski", 2010) España
15- WOMBS "Protein Shake" (De "Unitopians", 2010) USA

16- THE YOUNG GODS "Introducing" (De "Everybody Knows", 2010) Suiza
17- THE IRREPRESIBLES "Splishi Splashi Spoo!" (De "Mirror Mirror", 2010) Inglaterra
18- SUN CITY GIRLS "Holy Ground" (de "Funeral Mariachi", 2010) USA
19- XIU XIU "Dear God, I Hate Myself" (De "Dear God, I Hate Myself", 2010) USA
20- STANSTILL "Adelante Bonaparte (II)" (De "Adelante Bonaparte", 2010) España
21- NACHO UMBERT Y LA COMPAÑIA "Ensayo General" (De "Ay", 2010) España
22- HUGO RACE "in The Pines" (De "Fatalists", 2010) Australia
23- SWANS "Little Mouth" (De "My Father Will Guide Me Up A Rope To The Sky", 2010) USA
24- PETER GABRIEL "The Book of Love" (De "Scratch My Back", 2010) Inglaterra
25- SUFJAN STEVENS "All For Myself" (De "The Age of Adz", 2010) USA
26- TAME IMPALA "Expectation" (De "Innerspeaker", 2010) Australia
27- ARIYA ASTROBEAT ARKESTRA "Big Grammar" (De "Ariya Astrobeat Arkestra", 2010) Inglaterra
28- LEE "SCRATCH" PERRY "An Eye for an Eye" (De "Revelation", 2010) Jamaica


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