Thursday, January 27, 2011

Acto de Fe 17 de enero, 2011 Lo mejor de 2010 parte 2


Segundo recorrido por lo más interesante de 2010. Nos ocupamos de la geografía musical de Estados Unidos.

 Beach House

 Kings of Leon


1- THE DEAD WEATHER "Gasoline" (De "Sea of Cowards", 2010) USA
2- BLACK REBEL MOTORCYCLE CLUB "Beat The Devil´s Tattoo" (De "Beat The Devil´s Tattoo", 2010) USA
3- KINGS OF LEON "Mi Amigo" (De "Come Around Sundown", 2010) USA
4- LCD SOUNDSYSTEM "Drunk Girls" (De "This Is Happening", 2010) USA
5- MAXIMUM BALLOON "Apartment Wrestling (feat David Byrne)" (De "Maximum Ballon", 2010) USA
6- DEERHUNTER "Don´t Cry" (De "Halcyon Digest", 2010) USA
7- COMPUTER VS BANJO "You´re a Rubberband" (De "Riberboat Swing", 2010) USA
8- ARIEL PINK'S HAUNTED GRAFITTI "Bright Lit Blue Sky" (De "Before Today", 2010) USA
9- HERE WE GO MAGIC "Hibenation" (De "Pigeons", 2010) USA
10- BEACH HOUSE "Used To Be" (De "Teen Dream", 2010) USA
11- EAGLE SEAGULL "I Don´t Know If This is Ignorance or Trascendence" (De "The Year of the How-to Book", 2010) USA
12 FREELANCE WHALES "Hannah" (De "Weathervanes", 2010) USA
13- COCOROSIE "Smokey Taboo" (De "Grey Oceans", 2010) USA

1- OK GO "All Is Not Lost" (De "Of The Bllue Colour of the Sky", 2010) USA
2- OF MONTREAL"Coquet Coquette" (De "False Priest", 2010) USA
3- DR. DOG "Later" (de "Shame, Shame", 2010) USA
4- LIARS "No Barrier Fun" (De "Sisterworld", 2010) USA
5- MGMT "Someone´s Missing" (De "Congratulations", 2010) USA
6- POWER ANIMAL "Copernicus" (De "People Songs", 2010) USA
7- SHEARWATER "Castaways" (De "Golden Archipelago", 2010) USA
8- BROKEN BELLS "Sailing to Nowhere" (De "Broken Bells", 2010) USA
9- CROCODILES "Hollow Hollow Eyes" (De "Sleep Forever", 2010) USA
10- GIANT SAND "Spell Bound" (De "Blurry Blue Mountain", 2010) USA
11- ISOBEL CAMPBELL & MARK LANEGAN "Snake Song" (De "Hawk", 2010) USA
12- JOANNA NEWSOM "'81" (De "Have One on Me", 2010) USA
13- MICAH P. HINSON "Stuck on the Job" (De ".. And The Pioneer Saboteurs", 2010) USA

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