Thursday, October 09, 2008

Acto de Fe 28 setiembre, 2008 Deli Pop

Programa dedicado a algunas exquisiteces y delicateces pop de Suecia, Inglaterra, Escocia, Gales, Estados Unidos, Islandia, Australia, Venezuela y otros paises. Canciones que beben del pop melódico y el folk psicodelico mas gentil. Pop perfecto de los 90 y esta década.

Belle and Sebastian


Harriet Wheeler, cantante de The Sundays

The Go-Betweens (Robert Forster & Grant McLennan- RIP)

Primera hora:

Segunda hora:

1- DAVID BYRNE & BRIAN ENO;Everything That Happens Will Happen Today;Life is Long;2008;USA/UK
2- IRENE;Long Gone Since Last Summer;Out of Tune;2007;Suecia
3- IRENE;Long Gone Since Last Summer;Alwaus on My Mind;2007;Suecia
4- BELLE AND SEBASTIAN;Fold Your Hands Child, You Walk Like a Peasant;Women´s Realm;2001;UK/Escocia
5- RICHARD HAWLEY;Lady's Bridge;Serious;2007;UK
6- RICHARD HAWLEY;Lady's Bridge;Lady´s Bridge;2007;UK
7- FLEET FOXES;Ragged Wood;Your Protector;2008;USA
8- FLEET FOXES;Ragged Wood;White Winter Hymnal;2008;USA
9- NOAH AND THE WHALE;Peaceful, The World Lays Me Down;5 Years Time;2008;UK
10- JIM NOIR;Jim Noir;Happy Day Today;2008;UK
11- THE BOY LEAST LIKELY TO;The Best Party Ever;My Tiger My Heart;2005;UK
12- ULISES HADJIS;Presente;Siempre;2008;Venezuela
13- ULISES HADJIS;Presente;Aqui no;2008;Venezuela
14- TRAVOLTA;El efecto amor;Corazon valiente;2007;España
15- AMPOP;My Delusions;My Delusions;2005;Islandia
16- XTC;Apple Venus;Harvest Festival;1999;UK
17- THE CLIENTELE;God Save The Clientele;Somebody Changed;2007;UK
18- GORKY´S ZYGOTIC MYNCI;How I Long To Feel That Summer in My Heart; Stood on Me;2001;UK/Gales
19- BLACK BOX RECORDER;The Facts of Life; The Art of Dying;2000;UK
20- THE FIELD MICE;For Keeps; When Morning Comes to Town; 1991; UK
21- THE ORCHIDS;Unholy Soul; Peaches; 1991; UK
22- THE SUNDAYS; Reading Writing and Arithmetic; Here´s Where The Story Ends; 1990; UK
23- THE GO-BETWEENS; 16 Lovers Lane; Streets of Your Town; 1988;Australia
24- THE HOUSE OF LOVE; A Spy in The House of Love; Man to Child; 1990; UK
25- SUPER FURRY ANIMALS; Hey Venus; Carbon dating; 2007; UK/Gales

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