Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Acto de Fe 23 dic, 2007 Resumen 2007 #2

Segundo resumen de lo más relevante del año 2007

Foto: Battles
Foto: The Arcade Fire

1- BATTLES;Mirrored;Atlas;2007;USA
2- THE WHITE STRIPES;Icky Thump;Icky Thump;2007;USA
3- GRINDERMAN;Grinderman;Honey Bee;2007;Australia
4- APOSTLE OF HUSTLE;The National Anthem of Nowhere;Haul Away;2007;Canada
5- THE ARCADE FIRE;Neon Bible;Keep The Car Running;2007;Canda
6- KINGS OF LEON;Because of Times;Fans;2007;USA
7- WILCO;Sky Blue Sky;On And On and On;2007;USA
8- THE NATIONAL;Boxer;Fake Empire;2007;USA
9- WOODEN WAND;James and the Quiet;The Pushers;2007;USA
10- YÁTU;Joroporoll;Rio;2007;Venezuela
11- LA COSTA BRAVA;Velocidad de Crucero;Justicia Poética;2007;España
12- FACTO DELAFÉ Y LAS FLORES AZULES;la luz de la mañana;la Juani;2007;España
13- ARTIC MONKEYS;Favourite Worst Nightmare;Florescent Adolescent;2007;UK
14- RADIOHEAD;in Rainbows;Bodysnatchers;2007;UK
15- MAPS;We Can Create;So Low So High;2007;UK
16- VAMPIRE WEEKEND;Mansard Roof;Oxford Comma;2007;USA
17- THE FIERY FURNACES; Widow City;My Egyptian Grammar;2007;USA
18- AKRON FAMILY; Love is Simple;Phenomena;2007;USA
19- ANGELS OF LIGHT; We Are Him;We Are Him;2007;USA
20- BEIRUT; The Loving Club Cup;Nantes;2007;USA
21- TUNNG; Good Arrows; Secrets; 2007; UK
22- SUPER FURRY ANIMALS; Hey Venus!; Carbon Dating; 2007; UK
23- ELK CITY; New Believers; My Type of Criminal; 2007; USA
24- E-óN; Ticket To Youkali; Ticket to Youkali; 2007; Venezuela


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