Sunday, December 09, 2007

Acto de Fe 2 de dic, 2007 NewWave & TechnoPop Años 80

Programa dedicado a revisar la rica escena de principios de los años 80, especialmente el New Wave y el Techno Pop británico.
Foto: Shriekback

Foto: Orchestral Manouvres in The Dark (O.M.D.)

1- THE THE;Infected;Infected;1987;UK
2- ADAM & THE ANTS;Kings of The Wild Frontier;Antmusic;1980;UK
3- FINI TRIBE;Compilation 1982-1987;Curling Theme;1986;UK
4- FINI TRIBE;Compilation 1982-1987;We´re Interested;1986;UK
5- LIQUID LIQUID;Liquid Liquid;Cavern;1983;UK
6- LIQUID LIQUID;Liquid Liquid;Scraper;1983;UK
7- THE MONOCHROME SET;Indie Scene 1979: The Story of British Independent Music;He´s Frank;1980;UK
8- THE TEA SET;Indie Scene 1979: The Story of British Independent Music;Parry Thomas;1980;UK
9- PP´S;Guerra Musical;Yo soy así;1984;Venezuela
10- PP´S;Guerra Musical;Obsesión;1984;Venezuela
11- FUN BOY THREE;New Wave Hits Of The Eighties - Volume 11;The Lunatics (Have Taken Over The Asylum);1981;UK
12- THAT PETROL EMOTION;Babble;Static;1987;Irlanda
13- EYELESS IN GAZA;Drumming the Beating Heart;Veil Like Calm;1982;UK
14- GARY NUMAN;The Pleasure Principle;Metal;1980;UK
15- FAD GADGET;Indie Scene 1980: The Story of British Independent Music;Rickey´s Hand;1980;UK
16- D.A.F.;kebabtraume - Single;kebabtraume;1980;ALemania
17- ANNE CLARK; Changing Places;Sleeper in Met;1983;UK
18- THE HUMAN LEAGUE; Travelogue;Only After Dark;1980;UK
19- HEAVEN 17; Penthouse and Pavement;Geisha Boys And Temple Girls;1981;UK
20- HEAVEN 17; Penthouse and Pavement;Song With No Name;1981;UK
21- ORCHESTRAL MANOUVRES IN THE DARK; Architecture and Morality; Georgia; 1981; UK
22- SHRIEKBACK; Big Night Music; Pretty LIttle Thing; 1986; UK
23- LOVE AND ROCKETS; Express; Life in Laralay; 1986; UK
24- PULP; Master of The Universe; The Mark of The Devil; 1986; UK
25- PRIMAL SCREAM; Primal Scream; Kill The King; 1986; UK

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