Sunday, November 04, 2007

Acto de Fe 28 Oct, 2007 Pop

Programa dedicado a revisar la actualidad pop de varios paises. Transmitido el 28 de octubre por Gente 89.7 (Barquisimeto), el 20-oct por Woao 88.1 (Valencia/Maracay)y el nov por Scanner FM 100.5 (Barcelona, España).

Foto: The Apples in Stereo
Foto: Wilco
Foto: Ian Brown

1- STEREOPHONICS;Pull The Pin;Crush;2007;UK
2- SISTER VANILLA;LIttle Pop Rock;Jamcolas;2007;UK
3- LAGARTIKA NICK;El shock de Leia;El shock de Leia;2007;España
4- LAGARTIKA NICK;El shock de Leia;Lo conservo todo;2007;España
5- BABYSHAMBLES;Shotter´s Nation;You Talk;2007;UK
6- THE CORAL;Roots and Echoes;She´s Got a Reason;2007;UK
7- THE APPLES IN STEREO;New Magnetic Wonder;Energy;2007;USA
8- THE APPLES IN STEREO;New Magnetic Wonder;Radiation;2007;USA
9- BABAMARS;Whatever happened to all our pioneers;Beautiful Sundays;2006;Francia
10- BABAMARS;Whatever happened to all our pioneers;The Haze;2006;Francia
11- EVRIPIDES AND HIS TRAGEDIES;Eviripides and his Tragedies;Transylvania;2007;UK
12- WINDMILL;Puddle City Racing Lights;Ashmatic;2007;UK
13- WHEN;Trippy Happy;Life is Shiotm Sometimes it´s B;2007;Suecia
14- HAPPY MONDAYS;Unkle Diskunktional;In the Blood;2007;UK
15- IAN BROWN;The World Is Yours;Some Folks Are Hollow;2007;UK
16- DAVE GAHAN; Hourglass;Kingdom;2007;UK
17- DAVE GAHAN; Hourglass;Use You;2007;UK
18- SIOUXSIE;Mantaray;Into a Swan; 2007;UK
19- SIOUXSIE;Mantaray;One Mile Below; 2007;UK
20- MIDNIGHT JUGGERNAUTS; Dystopia; So Many Frequencies; 2007; Australia
21- MAPS; We Can Create; It Will Find You; 2007; UK
22- TAPES´N TAPES; The Loon; In Houston; 2005; USA
23- WILCO; Sky BLue Sky; Hate it Here; 2007; USA
24- PJ HARVEY; White Chalk; Gorw Gorw Grow; 2007; USA

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