Sunday, September 09, 2007

Acto de Fe 2 de sept, 2007 electropostpopfolk

Programa dedicado a la actualidad de la música pop cuya columna vertebral son los recursos electrónicos: electro-pop, electro-folk, post-electro rock, etc.

Foto: Nuuro

Foto: Xiu Xiu


1- UNKLE;War Stories;Price you Pay(#6);2007;UK
2- CARIBOU;Andorra;After Hours(#3);2007;Canada
3- CARIBOU;Andorra;Eli(#6);2007;Canada
4- BEASTIE BOYS;The Mix Up;The Gala Event(#04);2007;USA
5- WHITE HOLE;Pink Album;Piano Again(11);2004;Alemania
6- TALKDEMONIC;Beat Romantic;Junesong(#04);2007;USA
7- NUURO;Paper Heart EP;Secret(#1);2007;Venezuela
8- NUURO;Paper Heart EP;Fell in Love (on a Tragic Sunday Morning of Mourning and Incompetence(#4);2007;Venezuela
9- HOT CHIP;The Warning;The Warning(#08);2006;UK
10- MY BRIGHTEST DIAMOND;Tear it Down;The Good and The Bad Guy (siamese sisters)(#11);2007;USA
11- PRAM;The Moving Frontier;The Empty Quarter(#01);2007;UK
12- PSAPP;Tiger, My friend;Rear Moth(#02);2004;UK/Ale
13- XIU XIU;The Air Force;Hello From Eau Claire(#03);2006;USA
14- MÚM;Go Go Smear The Posion Ivy;Blessed Brambles(#1);2007;Islandia
15- MAPS;We Can Create;It Will Find You(#4);2007;UK
16- COCOROSIE;The Adventures of Ghosthorse and Stillborn;Animals(#8);2007;USA
17- PIANO MAGIC; Writers Remixes; Dutch Housing (Dntel Mix) (#1); 2002; UK
18- ARBOL; Dreams Made of Paper; Reborn (#4); 2005; España
19- TARWATER; Spider Smile; Arkestra (#7); 2007; Alemania
20- TARWATER; Spider Smile; When Love Was The Law in Los Angeles (#8); 2007; Alemania
21- ORVAL CARLOS SIBELIUS; Orvan Carlos Sibelius; Moselle (#8); 2006; Francia

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