Monday, July 02, 2007

Acto de Fe 24-jun, 2007 Rock y Folk Pop de USA

Programa dedicado a la actualidad del rock y pop-folk de Estados Unidos, transmitido el 24 de junio por Gente 89.7 en Barquisimeto y el 25 de Junio por Woao 88.1 en Valencia.

Foto: Les Claypool
Foto: Modest Mouse
Foto: Liars
Foto: The Raconteurs

Haga click en los siguientes links (requiere Pando, el cual es muy fácil de instalar y usar):

1- !!! (Chk Chk Chk);Myth Takes;Yadnus(#7);2007;USA
2- LCD SOundsystem;The Sound of Silver;Time to Get Away(#2);2007;USA
3- BECK;The Information;We Dance Alone(#9);2006;USA
4- OMAR RODRIGUEZ-LOPEZ;Se Dice Bisonte, No Búfalo;Rapid Fire Tollbooth(#3);2007;USA
5- PORTUGAL THE MAN;Church Mouth;Sleeping Sleepers Sleep(#11);2007;USA
6- LES CLAYPOOL;Of Whales and Woe;Rumble of The Diesel (#9);2006;USA
7- LIARS;Drum´s Not Dead;A Visit from Drum(#3);2006;USA
8- BATTLES;Mirrored;Diammod(#3);2007;USA
9- CLAP YOUR HANDS SAY YEAH;Some Loud Thunder;Goodbye To The Mother & THE Cover(#7);2007;USA
10- MODEST MOUSE;We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank;Missed the Boat(#9);2007;USA
11- THE WHITE STRIPES;Icky Thump;300 M.P.H. Torrential Outpour Blues (#3);2007;USA
12- THE RACONTEURS;Broken Boy Soldiers;Intimate Secretary(#4);2006;USA
13- THE GREENHORNES;Sewed Soles;There is and End (#8);2005;USA
14- THE GREENHORNES;Sewed Soles;Shame and Misery (#9);2005;USA
15- BRENDAN BENSON; Alternative to Love; Flesh and Bone (#8); 2005; USA
16- WOODEN WAND & THE VANISHNING VOICE; James and The Quiet; The Pushers (#1);2006; USA
17- WOODEN WAND & THE VANISHNING VOICE; James and The Quiet; Delia (#4);2006; USA
18- YÁTU; Concierto desenchufado; Churuguara Blues (#2); 2006; Vzla
19- TOMATES FRITOS; Molly; Estar adentro (#9); 2006: Vzla
20- THE NATIONAL; Boxer; Slow Show (#6); 2007; USA
21- MIDLAKE; The Trials of Van Occupanther; Bandits (#2); 2006; USA

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