Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Acto de Fe 29 abril, 2007 Dark Rock de los 80

Programa dedicado al Dark Rock de los 80, el momento álgido para el género.
Transmitido por Gente 89.7 Fm en Barquisimeto y la Fonoteca de Scanner FM (www.scannerfm.com)

Aqui el link:

Foto: Echo & The Bunnymen (1984)


1- ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN;Porcupine;Back of LOve(#2);1983;UK
2- THE CHAMELEONS;What does anytning mean? Basically; Home is Where The Heart Is(#9);1984;UK
3- AND ALSO THE TREES;Virus Meadow; Slow Pulse Boy(#1);1986;UK
4- SIOUXSIE AND THE BANSHEES;A kiss in a Dreamhouse; Cascade(#1);1982;UK
5- DANIELLE DAX;Dark Adapted Eye; Bed Caves(#14);1988;UK
6- VIRGIN PRUNES;If I Die I Die; Decline and Fall(#2);1982;UK
7- CINDY TALK;Camouflage Heart; The Spirit Behind The Circus Dream(#5);1984;UK
8- BAUHAUS;in The Flat Field;Terror Couple Kill Colonel(#13);1980;UK
9- JOY DIVISION;Closer;The Eternal(#8);1980;UK
10- FIELDS OF THE NEPHILIM;Dawnrazor; Celebrate(#7);1987;UK

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