Monday, May 15, 2006

Acto de Fe 17 oct, 2004 British Pop

Programa dedicado a la actualidad del pop británico.

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Artista; Disco; Tema; Año; Pais

1- FRANZ FERDINAND;Franz Ferdinand;Darts of Pleasure (#8);2004;UK/Escocia
2- GOMEZ;Split the Difference;Where Ya Going(#8);2004;UK/Inglaterra
3- THE JEEVAS;Cowboys and Indians;Healing Hands (#3);2004;UK/Inglaterra
4- THE VEILS;The Runaway Found;Guiding Light (#2);2004;UK/Inglaterra
5- ELBOW;Cast of Thounsands;Snooks(Progress Report)(#4);2003;UK/Inglaterra
6- CLINIC;Walking with Thee;Harmony(#1);2002;UK/Inglaterra
7- SIMIAN;Chemistry is what we are;Mr. Crow (#9);2001;UK/Inglaterra
8- PULP;We Love Life;The Trees(#4);2001;UK/Inglaterra
9- ARAB STRAP;Monday at the Hug & Pint;The Shy Retires(#1);2003;UK/Escocia
10- MORRISSEY;You are the Quarry;America is not the world(#1);2004;UK/Inglaterra
11- BELLE & SEBASTIAN;Dear Catastrophe Waitress;Step into my office(#1);2003;UK/Escocia
12- FORT LAUDERDALE;Pretty Monster;Best Daze(#3);2003;UK/Inglaterra
13- SUPER FURRY ANIMALS;Phantom Power;Hello Sunshine(#1);2003;UK/Gales
14- GORKY´S ZYGOTYC MYNCI;How I long to feel that summer in my Heart;How I long(#10);2001;UK/Gales

Programa transmitido el 17 de octubre de 2004 por Ateneo FM 100.7


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