Friday, March 03, 2006

Acto de Fe 20-Jun, 2004 British Pop

Uno de los habituales programas dedicados a la actualidad del pop británico. Transmitido el 20 de junio de 2004.

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Artista;Nombre del disco; Nombre de la canción (#track); año; pais de origen

1- GOMEZ;In Our Gun;Shot Shot (#1);2002;UK
2- FRANZ FERDINAND;Franz Ferdinand;40´ (#11);2004;UK
3- SUPERGRASS;Life on Another Planet;Funniest Thing (#8);2002;UK
4- SUEDE;A New Morning;Possitivity (#1);2002;UK
5- MORRISSEY;You are the Quarry;First of the Gang to Die (#8);2004;UK
6- BLUR;Think Tank;Out of Time (#2);2003;UK
7- THE CORAL;Nightfreak And The Sons of Becker;Venom Cable (#2);2004;UK
8- BETA BAND;Heroes to Zeroes;Space;2004;UK
9- RADIOHEAD;Knives Out (EP);Fog (#3);2001;UK
10- CLINIC;Winchester Cathedral;Anne (#3);2004;UK
11- DOVES;The Last Broadcast;M62 Song (#4);2002;UK
12- THE CHARLATANS;Wonderland;And If I Fall;2001;UK
13- IAN BROWN;Music of the Spheres;Shadow of a Saint (#9);2001;UK
14- SPIRITUALIZED;Amazing Grace;The Ballad of Richie Lee (#8);2003;UK

Fecha: 20-Junio-2004

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